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At Mo Auto Repair Prius Hybrid, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your Toyota Prius maintenance and repair needs. From routine oil changes and brake inspections to advanced diagnostic checks and hybrid battery replacements, our expert technicians have the knowledge and expertise to keep your Prius running smoothly. Explore our services below to discover how we can help you maintain the performance and reliability of your Prius for years to come.


The brake system of your Toyota Prius is a vital component for its efficient and eco-friendly driving experience. Our expert technicians meticulously inspect the Prius brake system and perform necessary repairs promptly and reliably, ensuring your Prius always delivers a safe and smooth journey.

Tune Up

To maintain the eco-friendly performance and efficiency of your Toyota Prius, regular tune-ups are crucial. We thoroughly tune up the Prius engine and hybrid system to ensure your Prius always provides a smooth and eco-friendly driving experience.

Oil Change

Regular oil changes are essential to keep the engine of your Toyota Prius eco-friendly and efficient. Our team provides you with high-quality oil change services, which lubricate and protect your Prius engine, optimizing its performance for a nature-friendly and fuel-efficient drive.

Battery Service

The hybrid battery of your Toyota Prius is the backbone of its eco-friendly driving capability. Our battery services include testing the Prius hybrid battery and, if necessary, replacing it, so your Prius is always ready for nature-friendly journeys.

New and Used Tires

For eco-friendly nature-friendly journeys with your Toyota Prius, having the right tires is essential. We offer you a wide range of new and quality used tires that meet the eco-friendly driving needs and budget of your Prius, providing you with a smooth and safe nature exploration experience.


The advanced hybrid system of your Toyota Prius helps tackle nature’s challenges, but prompt diagnosis and repair are necessary if any issues arise. We use advanced diagnostic tools for the Prius and expert technicians thoroughly check the Prius, ensuring it stays at peak performance during nature-friendly journeys.

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